Eric Morganson

Nordic. Graceful. Faithful.


Eric grew up the second generation of a family from Iceland who immigrated to the US in 1970, due to his father getting a job with Shell oil company as an engineer in Houston, Texas. Stories of his family’s homeland, from Candy Day to Odin, the Ruler of the Gods are a part of his heritage. He was raised to be respectful of others, but never afraid to voice his opinion on matters. To treat others fairly. To honor his ancestors and the spirits of the land. He was never a good book student, struggling with tests and such.

Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Life teaches us that the path to good is always tougher to climb than evil. Somewhere in that lesson, sometimes the rest of the message gets lost. That it is worth it. That it means something. That suffering for others is noble and that someone must stand against the tide. That it doesn’t matter what others do, only what you choose.

Eric Morganson

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