Degrees of Horror

Savage Tale 5: Beautiful Smile

The adventure started with tickets to an art show at a gallery, one of those things where unless you are absolutely invested and interested, you go for the wine and maybe, just maybe you will meet someone who touches you. Or perhaps, to be the one who does the touching.

A simple painting, nothing special about it except for a smile on the face of the girl who was portrayed sparked a sensation in those who saw it and were weak of will, perhaps. It reached out and touched their souls, causing them to express the feelings of love, passion and devotion for the next person they saw who was of sexual interest. This lead to some very odd and awkward situations, including full on sexual congress between strangers, sometimes in plain view of their signification others!

Of course, it also lead for the guys of our group to immediately lose their minds for the girls. I suppose in some ways it was only natural, they are friends and have been through some crazy things together. The feelings however were most certainly not mutual as Chris expressed love and lust for Vanessa while Eric pledged complete devotion and undying love for Sarah (Sam). Thankfully, Vanessa got free with Sam's help and stabbed the painting with a pencil, perhaps on a hunch and or perhaps guided by a higher power. We will never know.

The group tracked down the artist who painted the picture, fearing the worst was yet to come. Upon intruding on her hospitality, Vanessa was captured by another painting in the apartment, this time losing her soul to it and leaving her body empty. In a panic, Eric slashed the painting of a scarecrow in a corn field wide open. Sadly this did not break the hold the painting had on Vanessa, perhaps leading to her eventual brain death. The artist was not aware of the power of her paintings, and we never did learn the specific details, as the police responded with the ambulance for Vanessa and the group ended up talking their way out of a terrible and strange circumstance. Sam did impose upon the artist to create another painting, against Eric's wishes. Nobody knows what happened after that, except that Vanessa's body disappeared from the hospital.

We fear the very worst.


Vwls subickford

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